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Jeremy Kadlec talking about AimBetter’s Solution

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With AimBetter, your IT Team is never alone

  • Pinpoint the root cause of problems like an expert DBA

  • Get easy control: green OK, red detects a  problem, yellow double state 

  • You got all the questions, we deliver all the answers 

  • Powerful MSSQL monitor tool with deep system layers 

  • Intuitive UI 

  • All in one place solution


“Prediction” is one of the best features I loved in the AimBetter tool, it actually lets you prevent bottlenecks before the client experiences performance degradation.”

by Chezi Shpaisman Founder & CEO of SAKKOYA – Promoting Business with Technology Ltd

“Before installing AimBetter, our databases were like a black hole. Now we have a clear view of what’s going on inside.”

by Menachem Genut, V.P Information Systems.

“AimBetter represents NextGen database monitoring – providing powerful cloud tools to identify problems on the spot.”

by Rony Shoshani, Operations Manager

Enhance the performance of ERP systems like SAP, Priority, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and Infor

AimBetter top Remote DBA services

  • Proactive performance diagnostic by AimBetter 24/7

  • Database health management

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Patches, service packs, and upgrades

  • Administration of all backups and scheduled jobs

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Four reason for choosing AimBetter

Automatic diagnostic DBA work

Time is Money

24/7 monitoring that notifies any

 System issues beforehand

Deep analysis including
All system layers

 DBA Performance experts
Available for you

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    AimBetter on the map

    We give the fastest solution for performance issues 

    with our teams available all over the world 


    AimBetter offers the best price in the market!

    •  Other products need hardware resources, maintenance and backup. Using AimBetter SaaS solution you get all at the same price!

    • Your environment can be on-prime/ hosting or cloud

    • Stop wasting time looking for the problem’s source

    • Use your expertise to solve real issues

    • Improve server performance immediately

    • AimBetter brings you savings of a lifetime 


    Customers' Reviews

    What they’re saying


    We used a number of different platforms but we felt that we were not getting enough out of them, so we decided to explore other options.

    We chose AimBetter only after thoroughly testing BMC, IBM, and HP. But none of these solutions answered all our needs and at times required excessive human resources to achieve the desired outcome.


    AimBetter monitors far above anything offered by the competition. It requires no dedicated hardware onsite and adds no requirement for additional SQL database administration by our team.

    Most importantly, AimBetter does not concentrate purely on SQL database health.


    AimBetter helps us proactively resolve problems, many times before any damage is done. This is largely thanks to its superb ability to identify threats and to make all the data readily available to quickly fix the problem.

    This means we can maximize the app performance of our over 1000 SaaS customers while better responding to their customer care needs.


    We were searching for a way to monitor and improve the performance of our database layer.

    Ease of use and simplicity was of primary concern to us since we’re not a company with a large crew of IT professionals.

    AimBetter Professional Reviews

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      Or contact us via:

      International support team: 1 (650) 449-8622